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Accessing the dial of Emporio Armani AR1798


Hi all,

I recently acquired a very busted up AR1798 with all the hands unseated. Initially I assumed that the repair would be as simple as popping off the back of the case, flipping the dial out and reseating the hands. However, much to my dismay it appears that the dial is slightly larger than the opening and cannot be pulled out the back of the watch. I then looked towards the bezel and hoped that popping that off would grant me access to the front of the dial but alas that too proved futile. Though the bezel did indeed come off, there still appears to be no way of prying off the front of the watch - looks like the bezel was just glued on for decoration...

Any ideas before I throw this into a draw and forget about it?



Watch back w movement removed



Profile of watch with bezel attached



Profile of watch with bezel removed (There's no seam to use to pry off the front, lighting makes it looks like there is)


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    • By dpn
      Hi all,
      I'm getting really close to manufacturing my first run of custom dials. I'm not ready to share a lot of details yet, but I would sincerely appreciate some advice on adhesives.
      My dials will be featuring a 0.25 mm height steel chapter ring attached directly to the top of the dial material.
      I'm certainly not planning anything stupid like using cyanoacrylate glue to bond the chapter rings to the dials.
      I'm hoping for something low viscosity that can be applied carefully and will take a bit of time to set before curing. I'm looking for low viscosity because of the tight tolerances involved; height matters a lot here. I'm hoping for something that will be at least a little bit malleable, as I will need to align the chapter rings manually before they set and cure. (I really, really wish I could build some feet into the chapter rings and put them into alignment holes on the dial, but that's not possible for reasons that will become apparent once I disclose the dial material. I will need to align the chapter rings based on the stem location and with the aide of a spare crystal-less case that has an indexed bezel I'll be fixing in place.)
      Right now, I'm looking at GS Crystal Hypo Cement as the best potential adhesive. It should give me 10-15 seconds of manipulation before it sets, and I hope that I can use a small enough quantity in a few key places to keep the chapter ring secure and as flush as possible to the dial surface.
      Another alternative would be a two-part epoxy that I've thinned with alcohol or acetone. Since I don't need a hugely strong bond, the fact that solvent will weaken the epoxy isn't a huge concern. Thinning the epoxy with solvent would also extend its curing time, and I really don't want to have to try to hold down the chapter ring in perfect alignment by hand for an extended period of time before it sets.
      Please let me know what the best way to proceed here would be. Specific brand recommendations are especially appreciated. Of course I can practice, but due to the cost and difficulty of prepping the dial materials, I'd prefer to minimize losing materials here and to get my process right quickly.
      Thanks in advance for any advice,
      (I've been documenting my research, design, and manufacturing steps to date and will be sharing information about my project when I am closer to the finish. This has been a fascinating journey into horology, lapidary, woodworking, CAD, and laser cutting for me.)
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      I recently bought myself a cheap repair kit and I successfully changed the battery on this watch that was dormant in a drawer for about 4 years!
      However, the problem is I haven't done something right as the day sub dial is ticking away same as the second hand sub dial!, I'm sure it isn't meant to do that.
      I'm obviously putting it back together incorrectly and also the two little white plastic cogs you can see in the pics, I can't remember where they go?! If someone please can talk me through the process it would be massively appreciated or any pointers, advice would be great. Thank you

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