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  1. Might works , put case back again in place and try to blow with a hand pump air from the side where stem goes in the watch case , might blow the crystal.
  2. Greetings from Greece , welcome Dan.
  3. i had a crystal poped out but the watch case was plastic.
  4. I dint knew there is a super gl30
  5. Welcome back oldhippy, i run still windows 7 and have a full back up once a month , saves me lot of trouble
  6. I think its for punching the axis in the balance wheel .
  7. Welcome Joerg, i am sure you will find lot of help and usefull informations about watches here, have fun , and.....patience.
  8. Looks awesome outside , its a pitty we cant look at the movement .
  9. Its common problem in these seiko watches , specialy in old ones this plastic ring cracks in pieces too easy
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