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Improvised watchmaker's bench

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I recently bought one old sewing box with an idea to make alternative watchmaker's bench which would not take up too much space and which could be mounted on standard desk, so it can be put away when needed.

It can be opened from above only, which is a disadvantage, but I always keep all my repair tools in one bigger blue box and take it out during the work anyway (right lower corner), so no need to open and close the box very often. The height of the box is around 5,9 inches (15 cm). My desk has height of around 30,3 inches (77 cm). The height for the work is then around 36 inches (92 cm).

According to the commercial products like this here http://www.ofrei.com/page241.html the height of this mini-bench should be around 10 inches (25 cm). Not sure how to raise the bench properly (putting books under it?) and I do not know on which height I should properly work?

Another thing is some kind of rail around the box, which could prevent parts from falling down and around the box. Any idea how to make such a thing?



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That looks very nice. What is the high of your top surface (green pad)? I noticed that your railing on the mini bench does not go completely until the end of the bench surface, did you remove it partly or bought it that way already?

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welcome and good show!  floor model sewing machine cabinets also makes a good watch bench (after throwing the machine out).   i made a "stand up watch bench"  before having surgery that worked very well.  i still use it somtimes when i have a back ache.  vin

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14 hours ago, bandi9111 said:

Nice job!

What kind of wood is it, pine?

I think is pine wood, but not sure. Not an expect, it is kind of soft wood, but not too soft. Bought two pieces of it 100 x 40 x 4 mm and 100 x 5 x 5 mm, it was enough for the bench I made.


12 hours ago, TimFitz said:

Nice work!! Now you can build other useful tools like this screwdriver sharpening rig.:)57fe7f780299f_20161012_110004(Small).jpg.8a21c5bda26dd240cf8d9417ecce3edf.jpg

That looks nice. I was thinking about some place I could put my screwdrivers, but I have only three for now :) And three tweezers only.

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    • Well fiddle sticks!!!! I have corrected one problem but created another. I figured out that I didnt have the hammer mounted correctly. I fixed that and things seemed to function a bit better at least between depressing the buttons. I got a little confident and figured the crazy reading I was getting on the time graph was due to a bunk balance. So I decided to look into it. I have two assemblies. After a closer look these too seem to be different. I noticed the hair springs didnt seem to have a nice concentric layout when put in place so I decided to try and tweak them. That was a mistake. So far the only thing that really makes me a bit nervous is when I start messing with the hairspring. If I can find a good balance assembly id rather just drop the coin on it rather than try to fix them. Ive included pics of them. I will order a complete balance assembly, if I can find one. I have a hunch that the grinding im feeling when turning the stem is due to a bad sliding gear so I am going to swap that out as well.

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    • Ok so what is the difference between Rabuska's book and Terwillger's? Are the same thing or does one have pictures that the other doesn't? Thanks again!

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    • It's my own homemade balance tack. Took a prescription pill bottle cap and some odds and ends lying around and voila. You can buy them too but there's something special when you make your own tools. You appreciate them more I find.

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    • That is certainly an option. They should be available, and hopefully not eye wateringly expensive either, however it may be possible to fix the one you have. Just put on your safety specs and crack it open. I think a 2770 series barrel and mainspring would be correct, but check before you purchase. Something like this perhaps - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ETA-Calibre-2770-Part-182-Complete-Barrel/222524899179?hash=item33cf847f6b:g:NLkAAOSw4CFYwvVt Also confirm with the supplier that it includes the spring.
    • I was more thinking about looking for a complete barrel to just replace it, not sure if I have the guts to open the barrel, would probably find the way to stick that spring into my eye.