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Improvised watchmaker's bench

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I recently bought one old sewing box with an idea to make alternative watchmaker's bench which would not take up too much space and which could be mounted on standard desk, so it can be put away when needed.

It can be opened from above only, which is a disadvantage, but I always keep all my repair tools in one bigger blue box and take it out during the work anyway (right lower corner), so no need to open and close the box very often. The height of the box is around 5,9 inches (15 cm). My desk has height of around 30,3 inches (77 cm). The height for the work is then around 36 inches (92 cm).

According to the commercial products like this here http://www.ofrei.com/page241.html the height of this mini-bench should be around 10 inches (25 cm). Not sure how to raise the bench properly (putting books under it?) and I do not know on which height I should properly work?

Another thing is some kind of rail around the box, which could prevent parts from falling down and around the box. Any idea how to make such a thing?



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That looks very nice. What is the high of your top surface (green pad)? I noticed that your railing on the mini bench does not go completely until the end of the bench surface, did you remove it partly or bought it that way already?

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welcome and good show!  floor model sewing machine cabinets also makes a good watch bench (after throwing the machine out).   i made a "stand up watch bench"  before having surgery that worked very well.  i still use it somtimes when i have a back ache.  vin

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14 hours ago, bandi9111 said:

Nice job!

What kind of wood is it, pine?

I think is pine wood, but not sure. Not an expect, it is kind of soft wood, but not too soft. Bought two pieces of it 100 x 40 x 4 mm and 100 x 5 x 5 mm, it was enough for the bench I made.


12 hours ago, TimFitz said:

Nice work!! Now you can build other useful tools like this screwdriver sharpening rig.:)57fe7f780299f_20161012_110004(Small).jpg.8a21c5bda26dd240cf8d9417ecce3edf.jpg

That looks nice. I was thinking about some place I could put my screwdrivers, but I have only three for now :) And three tweezers only.

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    • Cool!   Based on the photo posted above, a good cleaning should be all that is needed. I am not able to discern the cracks in the photo as it is...
    • Thanks I'll check them out !!
    • The second attempt: I took whole movement apart again, cleaned it, oiled it, I also managed to clean all of the jewel holes with pegwood. I also opened mainspring barrel and took out the mainspring. It was quite dirty, I cleaned it, oiled it, and put everything back again. To my surprise, the amplitude looked very good, the automatic winding system seemed fine. The last step was to put the movement in the case. I had trouble with the dial ring and putting stem back (although I think I put it correctly). I took the movement out of the case to check for a problem, but then the amplitude got lower and the watch completely stopped. Since I did not move or touch anything, I suspected it was the mainspring with not enough energy. I gave "external" power by using pegwood and slightly touch the central wheel. The amplitude was normal again. So, my conclusion would be that I have problem with the mainspring: it does not give enough energy for the train to transfer it to the balance wheel. Maybe at first, when the mainspring is fully in tension, but after some time, it is just not enough and watch stops. However, I am not sure where I can buy new 7009 (or 7s26) mainspring for replacement. On the other hand, it could be that the hole made for the barrel arbor got bigger, and now the mainspring teeth are not fully in contact with the center wheel. But I would say that the problem is the mainspring. It is strange however that the watch stopped few days after it fell on the ground.
    • You are correct, I use polident denture fizzy tablets which works well. I have also used an ultrasonic cleaner with a cleaner I mix up. You will never get the hairline cracks completely but you can get them to be way less noticeable.   
    • I like that!!!!!!!!!!!