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  1. Dear Nucejoe, Thank you for your reply, but I prefer the original parts. ;) If I have no way of solving it, I will consider its proposal for repair. For me, the challenge is to find the original parts and restore the state of the original structure. That is why specializations are important and accurate traceability. Fortunately, I found a donor watch (same factory, same type of clockwork) from which I can bring my watch to repair with the right parts.
  2. A bit completion: Stem thread 1,0 - 1,2mm Maybe the difference is the clock case => wrist or pocketwatch. Unfortunately I don't know how big the original was. At the older one, the case and the clockwork diameter are also small. I chose the 1,2 mm.
  3. Dear Nucejoe, there are two kind of winding sterms for Molnijas (3602) what I can buy on e-bay. Unfortunately I can't find any drawing from these parts or the recommended technical data of my Molnijas to have an answer to my question. I bought this winding sterm for my older 15 jewel Molnija, for the first try it seems to be good. To understand here is a drawing (not the best one, maybe I will make a digital 3D wariant of these parts to create the recommended technical data), the last cut is D-D, I forgot to write it on the paper, sorry. I hope this information will be useful for other people to find the right part. So, It is not easy to buy spare parts for old watches without the important dimensions, drawings, technical informations...etc. I'm searching for old books to find them, but till now I was not lucky enough.
  4. I have three working Molnija now, I'm very satisfied with them. They can keep time like my Edefice Casio. But it is important to know, that all three was in very nice condition. I hope, that I can give the same care for this two. watch org uk =>Site currently closed. I will watch it again later. I'm from Hungary and unfortunately the shipping costs are very high. Is there a solution, that I can keep the shipping costs lower? (ebay: 10 GBP generally) If I had the documentation of these clolckworks it would be very helpfull, but till now I haven't find them.
  5. A little while passed and I can spend time on my watches again. I received two "new" (for me ;) ) Molnija pocket watches. Molnija from 1950. 4th quartel 15 jewels Factory: Chelyabinsk from Russia Clockwork type: ЧК-6 /working/ Unfortunately, this clock did not have a winding stem and crown. The watch hands are a very bad condition and a small one is not the original. I already bought two bigger blue hands, but I can't find the small one with a good size (original blue). I don't know which winding stem is good for this watch (1,0 or 1,2 mm diameter), how long should it be, and witch type of crown should I search. Molnija 3602 Unfortunately, this clock has the same problems as by the other. Can anyone help me with the winding stem and crown serch, what should I buy?
  6. My newest Molnija pocket watch has become recommended cleaning. The clockwork is in a very good condition.
  7. Thank you. I think, i don't want to replace the dial. I want to have this watch so original as much i can.
  8. I gave to my first two monilja watches a recommended cleaning and for my oldest watch a new plexi. I have the original plexi too. The clockworks are in very good condition.
  9. My new Molnija pocket watch 3602-Cseljabinszk-18 Jewels
  10. Thank you for the links. Can you give me some informations about the back cower scratches? If I want to use these watches every day, should i clean the mechanism yearly or maybe more ofen? What is the Recommended cleaning? How mutch would cost for the older one? (total cleaning)
  11. Hy all, I have 2 molnija pocket watches, the older one is a 15 jewel 443, the newer one is maybe a 17-18 jewel and 3602. The 443 is from Cseljabinszk. Prod date maybe 1950-1960, at the back cower are 2 scratches, you can see at the photo, but I draw them to see better. The newer is maybe prod at 1970-1985. Both are working well, but I haven't got the information from the last cleaning, how much were they used... etc. I want to find the origin of my watches and the exact properties. Can anyone help me in this topic? Power reserve Number of jewels Accuracy Production time Reliability Recommended cleaning, if I will use it every day Thank you in advance for your help (Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my mother language.)
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