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  1. bojan1990

    Help with the old clock

    Hello again, I have finally time to get back to this old clock (Viktoria 7 jewels). Still, I have no idea where to start and I expected it would be a lot easier (I mainly worked on watches and this thing is huge). I did found the photos I took during the disassembly but they are not of much help (here: https://imgur.com/a/subHhf1) Did anybody recall any similar clock mechanism whose drawings I could use to put this clock back? The most difficult part are still the huge springs (especially two of them which are kinda connected). I didn't find a way to put them together them in cage (they always fly get out somehow). Other parts are mostly in good shape and with a proper lubrication should be fine.
  2. bojan1990

    Seiko 7009 stops

    I did, however I still have one problem related to the calendar. Date works fine (second position) but the days are somehow stuck. If I press the crown in, I can not change the day. It works fine when it changes automatically (around midnight every day) but manually it is simply stuck. Not sure if I forgot to lubricate something or if something is not at the right place.
  3. bojan1990

    Timex M23, reassembling problem

    I will try removing and cleaning them as well. However, I still can not figure out the reason why the movement loses time.
  4. bojan1990

    Seiko 7009 stops

    I moved the weight and the winding system seems to work. However, once I cased the movement, I could not hear the rotor oscilating. It turned out that the plastic white ring was not positioned correctly and it did block the free movement of weight. How, the watch works fine, I will check if it stays that way.
  5. bojan1990

    Seiko 7009 stops

    Another update: cleaned everything again, put new mainspring (sourced from other movement). I manually wound the movement by using screwdriver just before I put it back in case. It worked about 5 days with normal wearing. However, it stopped working again. I tried to wind it by wearing it (I give it at the beginning about 3 minutes of shaking), but the watch stops again. It seems that something is wrong with the winding system, but I just can not figure it out.
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  8. bojan1990

    Seiko 7009 stops

    The second attempt: I took whole movement apart again, cleaned it, oiled it, I also managed to clean all of the jewel holes with pegwood. I also opened mainspring barrel and took out the mainspring. It was quite dirty, I cleaned it, oiled it, and put everything back again. To my surprise, the amplitude looked very good, the automatic winding system seemed fine. The last step was to put the movement in the case. I had trouble with the dial ring and putting stem back (although I think I put it correctly). I took the movement out of the case to check for a problem, but then the amplitude got lower and the watch completely stopped. Since I did not move or touch anything, I suspected it was the mainspring with not enough energy. I gave "external" power by using pegwood and slightly touch the central wheel. The amplitude was normal again. So, my conclusion would be that I have problem with the mainspring: it does not give enough energy for the train to transfer it to the balance wheel. Maybe at first, when the mainspring is fully in tension, but after some time, it is just not enough and watch stops. However, I am not sure where I can buy new 7009 (or 7s26) mainspring for replacement. On the other hand, it could be that the hole made for the barrel arbor got bigger, and now the mainspring teeth are not fully in contact with the center wheel. But I would say that the problem is the mainspring. It is strange however that the watch stopped few days after it fell on the ground.
  9. bojan1990

    Cleaning Balance Cock With Hair Spring

    What to do when the movement is cleaned by hand? My guess would be to put the balance cock with the balance wheel back to the main plate, remove end jewels, soak everything it for 10 minutes in cleaning solution and try to clean everything with the brush best I can. Another clean quick rinse in pure acetone and that should be it.
  10. bojan1990

    Timex M23, reassembling problem

    That is nice idea, but these types of movement are not meant to be opened completely (only balance is removed and cleaned separately). I cleaned the movement three times, so I hope it is not that dirty anymore. Good news are that the power reserve is around 36 hours now. I gradually applied oil to the mainspring through the upper plate (little by little) so I managed to lubricate it more or less properly. However, the watch is still losing time. Around 7 minutes per day, which is a lot. I tightened the screw just enough to allow spinning the balance, since the balance spinned a little bit clumsy. Still, huge losing of time. Any idea what I can try next?
  11. bojan1990

    Movement holder

    The holder is nice, but the shipping is actually around 15 Euros.
  12. Hello, since working with my no-name movement holder has became a nightmare, I am looking for something better. If there is any possibility, I would like to buy something used, but if not, I will go for a new one holder. I was mainly looking for something like Bergeon 4040, because I could use if for almost any man's movement I will work on. Any alternatives? Here in Germany I mainly look for used or new watchmaker equipment on eBay. Anybody from Germany with some better idea where to look? Since new Bergeon 4040 costs about 25 Euros plus 18 Euros shipping.
  13. bojan1990

    Help with the old clock

    At the beginning of the process, the springs are unwound and take a lot of space. It is hard for me to wind them enough so they can be placed in the cage (since the springs are attached to the upper bridge so to say). So, I need to wind them enough to put them both in the cage, and then hooks the end on the arbors. Then they are under tension and that is it. However, once I try to wind the spring, and put them on top of the movement, they jump out.
  14. bojan1990

    Help with the old clock

    The problem is actually how to wind up the springs, in order to put them in the cage. Once they are wind up, it is easy to hook them on arbors (in this case they are the upper supports of the whole clock cage). But they always jump out, and I also have other wheels to put in (at least four of them). I already decided to put the balance wheel last.
  15. bojan1990

    Seiko 7009 stops

    I clean everything by hand. All parts except balance and fork go to isopropanol for 10 minutes. After that, I brush them with artist brush. At the end, I rinse them in pure acetone and let them dry. For balance and fork, I put them only 10-15 seconds in acetone. That is why it is very important to me to clean the jewels holes properly (with pegwood). But, as I said, the holes are very tiny, and not sure how to work with pegwood properly, since the pegwood easily brakes. Back to the watch. I disassembled it, cleaned and, and put together. Before, when I remove the balance and test the fork, it easily jumps from one side to another. However, when I try to do it in opposite way, I need more force to make fork bounce back to previous position. How, this is changed, and the fork happily goes from one position to another with slight touch of pegwood. I wind the mainspring manually with screwdriver and give a little bit of energy to test the watch. Then, I put balance back. Low amplitude, not working properly. Took out the jewels on the top and bottom of balance staff, cleaned them, oiled them, however, the amplitude stays very well. Took the balance out again, checked the pallet bridge - one screw was lose (my fault obviously, not sure why I did not screw it tight while reassembling). Put the balance back - nice amplitude, problem solved. After 12 hours, I checked the watch, still working. It also holds time nicely (not sure about that completely). Put it on my hand, it stopped after about 15 minutes. Then I discovered the rotor does not work and does not wind the mainspring. Removed the balance again, put little energy in mainspring, but now I can't put balance back (or at least, I have some horrible amplitude and then watch stops in few seconds). So, it seems I am at the beginning again...