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17 minutes ago, ThomasM said:

Looking for informations about the Omega Seamaster Professional Quartz watch.

Welcome here. The first information you need is that the watch is counterfeit, and very poorly.

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40 minutes ago, ThomasM said:

Sorry to hear that!
I bought it from Spain a year ago.
From Chrono24 online...
It s a Real Omega! For sure!

Do you think so? To start, your "Seamaster" has a tachymeter bezel which is never used on a diver or non-chrono watch. Then lack of any thickness in the indices, poor lettering, thick date font. On the back the lettering is filled black but it shouldn't, plus no circular finishing. etc. Compare to the picture below from a current ebay listing, about which I don't guarantee authenticity either.

If you want another opinion you can post on WUS in the Omega section, but I suggest you take better pictures, and with the case back removed.

Also, I hope you didn't bought in the present conditions? I'm surprised that Chrono24 allowed this watch to be listed.

s-l1600 (1).jpg


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Thank you for your excellent info!

This watch run perfectly.

But since I change it the battery it stop fonctioning.

I send it to the UK Repair Service center it call Repair by Post.

They ask me for 670 BP it s about 750€ to repair it.

I cancel the repair, they send it back to me, it will arrive in few days.

But they never talk about Fake watch.

I know the bezel it s not original.

But the inside movement are Omega I read it on it. I will send the picture soon I got the watch.

Anyway... I bought from ebay another old Omega Seamaster Professional to replace the movement.

Here the photos of theis watch.

I would love to know where I can buy parts for it.

Great thanks for your great info!





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Omega restrict parts, it would be easier to get ETA movm't or parts e.g. on Cousins UK. They report to have gilted hands, X22164.

Please post pictures of your Seamaster on Watchuseek.com, let us know what people there thinks about it.

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Thank You!

Sure I will do soon it arrive.

Can t find video on Youtube to learn how to remove & replace the movement on this watch.

I will visit the Cousins UK website.

Sorry for my very poor english!

Big Thanks Again!


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2 minutes ago, ThomasM said:

Can t find video on Youtube to learn how to remove & replace the movement on this watch.

No specific video is needed, it's the same as with any other regular watch. 

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Thanks for your efforts.

Hello Thomas please pm me when you get the watch back and I will be happy to guide you through the procedure to replace the quartz movement and hands. With regard to removing the winding stem and afterwards the hands, I would suggest you procure the following which are readily available off eBay (just check origin and associated delivery date first or you may be in for a long wait): -

Brass watch tweezers
Watch movement cushion
Hand removal levers (pair)
Hand re-fitting tool
Watch makers screwdriver set (budget / low cost unless you intent to make this a future hobby)
Adjustable watch back removal tool
Clean table, some time and a patient mood.

Sadly, I cannot comment on authenticity of your watch - but would tend to think you would have been advised if the watch was not original?


Regards Deggsy

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I recieve my watch,

From the Repair Online Services in the UK.

They ask for 670 BP to repair it.

Then I cancel the repair, and they send it back to me.

I put it on a compact demagnetiser, then the watch refonction normal like a new watch!
Thanks for your help.
Wishing Success

It s kind of Magic

This is my first ever repair without opening the watch!

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