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How to open these pins?


Hello there. It's the first time I came across this type of pins in the strap, and although I didn't need to remove the strap I was wondering how to go about it. Is this need to be unscrewed or some sort of other technique?


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These type of pins can either have screw in ends or friction fit push in ends if its a cheap quartz type watch I would guess they are the friction fit type and the ends should just pull out.

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    • By Deb
      This is a beautiful, but unusual watch band.  And it's WAY too big.  I have looked for different watch band styles to work out how I can re-size this, but can't seem to figure out what to call this style of band to do the search, none are matching with this one.  I have tried to pull on the pins to remove them from the band, but this only resulted in bending some of the pins (as you see).  A surprising result to me, but this must have been the result of the side-laying pins, and not the ones I was pulling on directly.  I decided to cease & desist, and am willing to take it to a jeweler to resize it, but would like to see if anyone here can help first. 
      Thank you. 

    • By oldboy
      I am considering selling leather watch straps, but I have a question before I blindly go ahead and produce a bunch of them.
      I am wondering if anybody who has worked in the industry for a while can tell me what the most common sizes are of strap pins or lug widths?
      I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
    • By Dpastl
      Happy New Year everyone!
      I've been working on a lovely old Hudson watch with a Felsa 415 inside.  I've got the watch running (first automatic!), but I can't make heads or tails of the watch band.  I want to adjust it so that it fits me, but I've only every adjusted the old u-pin style.  Is there a trick to these older watch straps or are they not adjustable?
      I attached a few pictures to help.  The only markings on it are "JB Champion" (The JB is in a triangle).

    • By Adrenaline
      I have this Certina watch, 

      and I wanted to ask you guys what's your opinion on combining the watch with this Hirsch Osiris strap:

      I am waiting for your opinions, and if you don't find it suitable, I'm waiting for suggestions from reputable brands, priced around the 40 EUR mark. 
    • By wilding
      Hi there watch repair experts and fans! My first time here so please be gentle with me
      It concerns the ladies watch you see in the pics and, in particular, its rather unusual metal bracelet strap.
      I want to make the strap a few links shorter.
      Normally with metal bracelets it is, of course, all about pushing out the pins, taking out the bits of the bracelet you don't need and then putting it all back together.
      But THIS one has a weird-looking two-section bracelet which, as far as I can see, is held together by very small screws (?)  from each side and no pins involved.
      Obviously I am wondering what to do to get the pins/screws out.
      Another thing of course i that I will have to take one link from either side of the bracelet.
      Anyone seen a bracelet like this before. HOW to do this adjustment??
      I hope you can see what you need to in these photos.

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    • Thanks🙂 so much I just got your reply so I will let you know. 
    • Hi there Mr jdrichard, glad you have these holders. You can also apply pressure on stubborn screws and the Myers won't let the movement flip of the holder and the whole show end on your bench. Also keep well lubricated both holders. 
    • SG$ 5.37 32%OFF | Medical Adjustable Clavicle Posture Corrector Men Woemen Upper Back Brace Shoulder Lumbar Support Belt Corset Posture Correction https://a.aliexpress.com/_mLWEXwV I found this contraption useful. It prevents hunching.
    • Hi All, Just am update.  I have received the donor movement and took the couple of parts I needed before I started my attempt on the dial side.    I believe I am missing 3 parts.  See photos.  If anyone has them as spares, please let me know.  I am not sure the ‘Dial Rest’ part is needed for mine as it was not on the dial.  It’s big enough for not to be missed etc but I may take it if available.    Regards, Yasser.
    • if the case back is not original you're definitely going to have a problem. Usually when ordering components for cases for Seiko watches everything is based on the case back number. It could be a different case back as long as it's the right case back for that case then you could use the number. But if it's totally wrong case back here in trouble sort of? If you look at the dial usually on the bottom there is a dial number it's not exactly the same as the case number. But it helps to narrow down the range of what you're looking for. They is probably I was Seiko is that they've made so many case components. They haven't old it's been discontinued desk of even a bigger problem.  I know their sites out there were people are modifying their Seiko watches if you can find one of those sites may be they of something generic.  
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