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  1. Thank you for BOTH tips! I found AliExpress, and the prices are WAY cheaper over there for the screw-type press. More than the lever-style, but willing to get this to reduce the friction in my life over these watch backs.
  2. Yes, the $88 movement probably does need servicing...I already put the watch back together again...my attempts at this early stage to do more than I have already done is already a bit dangerous! I'll think about springing the cash for a reputable watch repair person to fix it. In the meantime, I have other watches that I'm playing with, and more yet that I'm wearing.
  3. This is a beautiful, but unusual watch band. And it's WAY too big. I have looked for different watch band styles to work out how I can re-size this, but can't seem to figure out what to call this style of band to do the search, none are matching with this one. I have tried to pull on the pins to remove them from the band, but this only resulted in bending some of the pins (as you see). A surprising result to me, but this must have been the result of the side-laying pins, and not the ones I was pulling on directly. I decided to cease & desist, and am willing to take it to a jeweler to
  4. LOL! I figured that there was a REALLY good chance I would totally destroy this watch.... I've put it back in the case and will consider taking it to a reputable watch repair person. Perhaps replacing the movement is the better, and cheaper way to go. Ebay has one for roughly $88. But replacing a movement I think is not in my skill set yet! Thank you for your time and your honesty. Much appreciated.
  5. If you mean the wheel all the way opposite the crown, then it will move when I gently touch it with tweezers, it's loose. But doesn't move via gravity. Gently touching the wheel that is half-way popped out in the center, it's not feeling loose at all.
  6. OK, I'll bite...which one is the wheel I grab with tweezers??? And the barrel power??? And the center wheel? I am a COMPLETE nubie to watch repair... I can change a battery, and usually get the back case back on again. I have been watching videos, but all of them I've found are for men's chronographs, and not for a tiny ladies windup, showing me what's what. I'm only guessing...
  7. I have several watches in which I have replaced the batteries, but can't get the cases back on. They are all snap-back. Men's Event (black leather band): 20/2162, 258 - crystal face appears to be protected by the front metal case Men's Citizen: 4-731361 TA, 9060610, 44-2534, CN-7W-S (the C here could be a G) - crystal appears to be protected by the front watch case Ladies Orient, obtuse rectangle shape case: LTSS0053 - this case has a curved crystal, not flat, so setting flat on a table is impossible - pic included of the front shape Ladies Orient, diamond-shape case
  8. Hi all, thx! She's happy with the way it is. If she wants further cleaning, I'll try the vinegar. But for now, we are good, and will keep the stain.
  9. Hi there! Thanks so much for helping out on this. The number in the box is 2961-460. Then the numbers at the bottom are 7040553. The crown does click when I pull on it, and the hands will move when I turn it. It is completely wound tight. This may be because of earlier winding. It cannot wind more. I tried to move it gently, but remember from before that it was completely wound, and didn't push it further than what it "feels" it can handle. I'm not sure how to find the balance. I'm not seeing anything move, even when I gently move it around. I've watched Youtube videos of o
  10. I got this Longines winding watch from my mother-in-law many years ago. She has since passed away, so I can't ask her if it ever worked for her. I'm sure I asked at the time, but that was a long while ago, I don't recall her response. The hands never budged from 12:00 (or whatever time you set it to). I took it to a jeweler twice, and paid $60+ each time to figure out what was wrong, but neither of them could fix it. I'm thinking that this one might be outside my scope (obviously...I'm a total novice at this and they were both professionals), but thought I'd go ahead & check with y'al
  11. I thought you might want pics of the backside, so here you go. To remove the movement, do I do that from the front side of the watch? I'll check out some Youtube videos so I don't break it anymore than I already have....
  12. I tried both types of erasers (old #2 style & new white style), and there wasn't much improvement. I think it's as good as it's going to get. Thank you! The watch does look better overall, I feel better now that her watch is at least clean, both inside and out.
  13. Hi all, this is my 2nd watch needing your help for repair. My friend has a super cheap watch, and after changing out the battery, I tried to clean some dirt off the face, but at the time, didn't know about how to take the watch stem out. Rather than removing the stem, I tried to clean it by tipping the face, and cleaning just the opposite end (which is where it was dirty). I then noticed that the minute hand was getting stuck on the numbers, and not turning properly, so I tried to gently lift the minute hand tip a tad so that it would clear the hour markers. Oops. Now, the minute hand is
  14. Hmm....the cleaning didn't go too well. I used a Q-tip with a touch of rubbing alcohol (dipped then squeezed out excess), and it looks a bit better, but not as clean as I had expected it to come out. Less green, but still spotty. Is there a better way to clean a face like this, or is this the best I'll be able to do?
  15. Yay! Surprisingly, it seemed to pop out when I had the pin IN, and not out...most curious....anyhow, it's out. Now, to figure out how to clean the green stuff off the face...
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