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I need some help finding a replacement strap fro a womans Seiko Watch - it has a single central lug and pinned from the outside in, this seems to be a relatively common setup for womans watches (see below), but I cannot find anywhere to start looking for a replacement (current strap is too short and missing/damaged links). Can anyone point me in the right direction (web link or correct search term) for a replacement strap that would work - not looking for an exact replacement, just one that would fit the watch. See dimensions below (also see annotated picture)

  • The central/internal lug (part of watch case) measures about 3.11 mm
  • The (outside) width of the bracelet where it touches the case os 10 mm
  • The link width at the end is about 5.9mm

Like I said not looking for a direct replacement, just something that would work. Thanks

Seiko Back All.jpeg

Seiko Back Detail.jpeg

Seiko Front All.jpeg

Seiko Front Detail.jpeg

Seiko dimensions.jpeg

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Hi Scott, I’m probably not going to be much help. The biggest problem with these integrated bracelets is they don’t seem to manufacture stairs, or at least not many. If there is a case number you could form a search based on that. Otherwise only ideas I have are to make a new one yourself by hand.



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