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Hello, amateur unable to remove cannon pinion

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Hi, so this is my first watch that I am taking apart. I am 28, programmer from Czech Republic. I got hooked by multiple Youtube channels repairing watches. As in our family there are multiple old non-working watches I wanted to try this hobby and "repair" one. I selected these DHZ as I thought they are the least valuable ones and mainly because the movement seemed large enough.

I had no trouble doing most of the watch but this part, I suppose the cannon pinion, I am unable to take it apart, I would leave it in there but the main wheel on the other side is blocked by the large bridge which holds the main spring (which is the malfunctioning part of this watch). I tried tweezers, pliers, something like pin vice but with no success - the tool just slips off the pin. I don’t have the fancy Bergeon presto tool,  but I am afraid that even with that I would not be able to take it apart. It really sticks onto the pin. Also after looking online, to my amateur eye it does not have the shape of a typical cannon pinion, so I am afraid if I put too much force on it, I can break/bend the pin or something else due to not being the watch part I thought it is.

My other idea was (the last two photos) inserting the small wheel on front side and with bridge attached on the other. That I could punch into the pin - but I think this is not a good idea.

Do you have any advice please how can I tackle this issue? Thank you David


Btw the watch brand DHZ (Druzstvo Hodinaru a Zlatniku) - former Czechoslovakia 1950s

I read online that they were taking clockworks of other brands after WWII and only making the case and dial for them. Also not much info about this brand is available online - so I don’t know what kind of movement it really is.







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This type taps out. You need a small stump with a hole so it fits over the center of the center wheel on the train side and with a small watchmakers hammer a few light taps on the protruding bit that fits the minute hand and the center spindle will drop out.   

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See what the Oldhippy said. The other way to get the pinion out is to use watchmaker's lathe with collets on front and rear saddle. One collet will hold the cannon pinion, and the other - the head of the pin on the other side of the center wheel. Then some slight turning of the spindle togrther wit pulling will do the job.

This movement is made by FHF and is earlier than WWII

PS: I don't think that You have understand the construction. The cannon pinion is pressed tight on a pin that goes thru the center wheel. The pinion of the center wheel is like a tube, the pin has a head and the head is on the oder side. When setting time, the entire pin together with the cannon pinion, turns in the hole of the wheel

I wonder if You have understand how to remove the ratchet wheel too. The circle with the two holes on it is a nut. You must use some tool to unscrew the nut. Tweezers of hard steel may be used...


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