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Timex Electric Model 84 Significant Wear In Contact Pin - Tips for Repair?

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Hi Everyone,

My Timex Electric had been running well for some time but then intermittently failed to run.  I dismantled the watch, cleaned the parts and during reassembly noticed that the contact pin had pretty much worn through [see photo].  My assumption is that this is the most likely cause but even if this isn't the case, it needs further investigation and repair.  The pin is mounted in a jewel.  I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in replacing or repairing one of these and could offer some guidance based on their experience?  My approach would be to square off the remaining ends of the original pin and then solder graft a new section of brass [I'm assuming it's brass] in.

Any offers of help welcome.  Cheers.


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Hi Mo.  I hope all is well with you across the pond?  You make a valid point but my starting point is usually to look for an opportunity to repair.  Having said that, where would you suggest sourcing a balance complete from?  Best regards.

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