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Muts Nuts Parts Tray

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After accepting the fact I am a messy worker I need to find a better way to store watch parts (all parts) while I am working on them and also while I am storing them, for example when waiting for parts etc.

Currently I use the normal bell type parts/dust trays, and have also tried the yellow type from CousinsUK as seen being used by Mike on My Retro Watches. Each is good, but not a complete solution. I still have a dial holder floating around, and a balance tack with a balance on (depending where I am in the re-build process) there is also a bracelet kicking around in various stages of re-build and movement rings, cases, case backs, old/new crystal(s). If I have to store these it can be problematic and parts can easily become misplaced or orphaned, and the tops cant be secured so if you knock it over you are hooped. One of my other major gripes is also that the bottoms are flat on the parts trays, meaning that you have to chase the ratchet wheel and other flat parts around trying to pick it up with your tweesers, and maybe scratching them up in the process.

So I have decided to design a parts tray (system) that fixes all of the above!

Here is a sketch


Lid: self explanatory, except it will have a course thread on it so that you can screw it down for long term storage

1) Dial and (temporary) balance and mainiplate storage

2) compartment about 10 mm high to store the mainspring

3) Parts tray, 6 compartments each divided into 2 (inner ring) to make a total of 12 compartments, each will have a furrow which will allow the tip of the tweezers under a flat component, and also somewhere for the screws and wire springs etc.  to be when you try and pick them up

4) large open compartment for bracelet, case, caseback etc.....

I'm anticipating that each compartment will screw into the next but also be freestanding, the design will be modular, so you can change the order they screw together or if you don't need compartment x then you don't have to include it in the stack.

Thoughts, ideas?

Actually, this guy beat me to it.... (LINK) so may just tweak the design a little:


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