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Hi, excited to discover the craft

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I'm a senior software developer with a passion for tinkering with electronics. So when I watched a video about the inner workings of a mechanical watch I was glued to the screen and started binge watching videos about watch repair, tools, etc.

Somehow I ended up here, and can't wait to get my hands dirty.

I am tempted to start investing in Bergeon case openers, screwdrivers, levers, but I will take my time learning first.

What I did order is a copy of the book "Watchmaking" by George Daniels.

Anyhoo, that is me. Oh, I live in The Netherlands and have a girlfriend (going strong 22 years now, we should tie the knot...😛)

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Welcome, before you take the plunge and break the bank ordering tools (especially Bergeon $$$$) look at the forum as there are many good recommendations to get you started and make sure you don't end up having to buy twice or buy an over-priced something that you end up regretting. If in doubt, just post and ask what people think, thinking of getting this..... what do you think, or looking fur a ...... any recommendations.

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Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.

We all look forward to your contributions and continued involvement. 

Here is someone you should follow on Youtube. He really is and extremely good watchmaker and he is from your country. I don't recommend people unless they are genuine. I admit most of what he shows is advanced but he has some videos and tips for those that are just starting. You sure will learn a lot and it might interest you he runs a watchmakers school. Just type this in youtube search box Chronoglide Watchmakers. His name is His name is Kalle Slaap.

This might also help you. 


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