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Looking for this Durowe/ Jules Jurgensen model

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I recently started looking into repairing an old watch I've had bumping around and am having trouble finding the exact make of the watch, While I have found a close movement, its not the exact one. 

I sadly can't get measurements at this time, I will try to get them later 

from what I've been able to gather, the movement is a Durowe 7522/2 (I think) but the markings just don't quite match, that movement was made around 1972-75  but that's about all I can gather, the only other watch I've found that looks close is from around the 60's (they said it was anyway). I've been searching by myself for a while but decided to try here and see if anyone could help, thank you very much for your time, any help would be appreciated

I apologize for the excess of 12.thumb.jpg.dc1c01ded2fcc855b2162b604c9fd207.jpgpictures,

I didn't want to RDT_20231022_1515457141087041793172247.thumb.jpg.c2d9a03fa19930de2891eab9e3174795.jpg11.thumb.jpg.17919dc400edd23e3cb5cb3de50e4ea3.jpg8.thumb.jpg.eea3c8e30869301e79906bda4ba94ebe.jpgRDT_20231022_1524433144291494761574642.thumb.jpg.bb1486423508e28fc6cd3b195637475b.jpg10.thumb.jpg.2c63163dbe73cc8ea932d97fcee56a5b.jpg9.thumb.jpg.d20c86d2da29f358c54fba7ef60b0e25.jpgmiss anything


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I checked around where you linked and it seems that this is the 7522 is the closest match

I did a bit of extra searching and after a bit I found a similar looking movement and watch here and after looking through the thread it turns out that it is the same movement, I may try and reach out (if its allowed) and see if they can give me any advice on the model of the watch. thank you for the suggestion by the way, that's going to be a very useful website in the future.

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