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can someone help purchase this JKA-feinstaster yestoday on cousinuk does any adjustment needs doing before using does I'm not sure if the 0 in the right position Is this correct way as it show on the picture?



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The zero is usually above the " jka feintaster" writing, but it doesn't have to be. What's important is that with the jaws on the left and the touch pieces on the right (over the little table) perfectly clean, and fully closed, that it read zero. You can shift the zero position turning the bezel. Ideally you would check the jaws on something of a known diameter too, like a plug gage.


The subdial reads in millimeters; I can see on yours it's not on zero, and it doesn't look like the jaws are fully closed either but hard to tell from the photo. Have a look, make sure the jaws are clean and closed, and recheck the zero.

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