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Watch part reference catalogs

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Eyup fellow watch peeps, I is hoping you are all happy and in good health. I love to read information books and I'm slowly accumulating a watch related collection to add to my library.  Recently bought these old 50 and 60s Ronda reference catalogs, containing caliber specific balance staff and stem dimensions.  Also a flume catalog for which i now need to learn some German and a Renata balance complete reference. Are there any other catalogs like these that are worth looking out for. Other useful ones i can think of are-  of course the Bestfit books and Generale Ressorts for mainsprings.




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8 hours ago, GuyMontag said:

The Swartchild catalogs might be something to keep an eye out for. Like this one.

Thanks Guy, it seems these different publications including the Flumes catalogs contain very similar information to the Bestfit Books. Still might be worth collecting for cross referencing, i wonder if the information does all comes from one source. The earliest Bestfit i have is 1958, the Flume book i have is 1957 but earlier editions date back to 1947.

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