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cannon pinion deformation

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I'm working on an inexpensive Highmere (serial 189986) pocketwatch.  The cannon pinion was very loose so I put it in my staking set to tighten it.  Unfortunately, I banged on it too much so that the pipe deformed and now the hour wheel fits way too tight, causing it to be very difficult to set the time.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to straighten out the pipe?  I've tried putting it back on the staking set and tapping and turning the pinion but that didn't help.  Any suggestions appreciated.  Thank you.  Arron.

highmere cannon.jpg

highmere cannon2.jpg

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thank you VWatchie for that thread, which i wish i would have read prior to deforming the pinion; that is very helpful for the next time i do this.  My problem now is that i believe i deformed the outside of the pinion pipe so that the hour wheel is way too tight when placed onto the cannon pinion; not sure if i can get it back into round.  Just glad i'm learning on a cheap watch.  Thanks again and have a nice day.

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