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Casio LTP-VT01D-4B need help reaching the movement.

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Hi everybody, I need help for a watch Casio TP-VT01D-4B. Recently my mother buy this watch cuz it have a very good aesthetic and wasnt very expenses. To make it short, her battery ran out and asked me to change it. I did manage to open the lid and change the battery at the moment of closing the lid it get complicated so I hit with the hammer trying to close it. Stupid idea cuz the hands of the minutes and seconds came off. So I'm trying to put it back but heres come the problem, the case is a narrow edge one, cuz usually when you remove the gasket movement will come out in others models, but not to this one. Does someone know how I can open the case? Any ideas guys, before my mother kill me?

Here is a picture of the metal case, as you can see is narrow at the edge so movement can't come off.

Any help will be really appreciated.


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It’s a front loader. The movement comes out through the front after the crystal and/or bezel is removed.

When pressing the lid back on you should have a tool. Otherwise you put pressure to the middle of the lid which slightly deforms its outer edge and prevents it from snapping in. For replacing the crystal you need the tool anyway.


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Unfortunely I didn't have the press tool so I did something arcaic. The thing is that I checked on the front but the crystal wasn´t prominent enought to be grapped by a crystal lift and also it doesn't have a bezel. 

Pictures from the front, no bezel or prominent crystal to grap on. 


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Watchy, it seems you're in a pickle! I had a similar situation a long time ago. I changed the battery on my wife's Movado and crushed the crystal replacing the back. I ended up buying a new one (in secret) so I didn't have to admit my mistake. It cost me $500.

On 10/2/2022 at 9:38 PM, watchywatch said:

and wasn't very expensive

You're lucky, these Casio watches can be replaced for about $35. on eBay.

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If the crystal is flat (looks like mineral glass) stick it with a good double-sided duct tape onto your desk and pull the watch straight up! If the glass brakes: a new one it is not too expenive.

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