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Hi folks

Has anybody seen one of these:


I have one I would like to work on, but haven’t seen that type of crown wheel screw before and don’t know how to undo it.  Plus, the mainspring screw is very tight and I don’t want to force it given that the crown screw is not what I was expecting (and I recently threaded a mainspring screw that was t’other way around).  
Any guidance on how to deal with both screws would be appreciated.

Thanks, J

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From that pic, the crown wheel screws are inserted from under the bridge.  

The ratchet wheel screw, could be anti-clockwise. If the screw is very tight, I always try to turn it (a tiny amount) the other way. That way you can find out if it is anti-clock, and even if not, it can help break it free.

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I concur with Mike, best to remove the bridge and see the other side before you attack.

For small screws I always dress the driver for a perfect fit and soak the parts in Coca Cola ( excellent rust killer and penetrant)  for 48hrs.


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