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    • I was wondering what this tool is for?    Some kind of runner?
    • The JLC sealed barrels I've dealt with are sealed, with the lip burnished over like Nevenbekriev says. They can be opened, but you have to push the lip more open to get the lid to seat again correctly and it's still a bit hairy. They aren't as bad as Zodiac (those you can forget about opening much less closing without issue).   The chances of mucking it up are high enough that it's probably safest just to add a little lubricant at the arbor and call it good.
    • I have a few pin pallets,they are challenging to get any half decent reading on a tg, thats part of the allure of them for me  you can see here the trace is not that good, the lines are a little dotted around, though i have had better on a couple of others. You just have to live with what you can get, when you watch how the pallet pin releases the escape teeth you will understand why, it has no finesse. The tolerances make Russian watches look like Rolexes 🤣. The amplitude is a bit of a guess as there is no lift angle for the Oris 291 anywhere, visually the impulse pin is reaching to around 3/4 of a beat possibly a little more, this is due entirely to the mainspring i put in ( likely it will shake itself to pieces if keep fully winding the movement. But generally 220- 240 would be about the average I've managed to get up to now besides this , so no not as high a swiss lever for me anyway, maybe they're not designed for it, they are cheap movements. If they keep to a minute a day thats probably good, though my Smiths Empire after a lot of adjustment over time has reached within a minute of accurate per week a couple of times, precision record has averaged at approx 4 minutes per week over 2 months so 2 minutes either side of accurate time.  Good question oh i wondered that myself , i can only assume its from something else . The 261 and 292 are sweep seconds, i wonder if the cannon pinion is the same from them ?
    • Ok, I'm glad. It then looks like you are in a good place with the client/friend. That's the key. And also my approach with friends/clients.   Yes, I also understand that, too. But if it's not a question of being stingy, but only impatient, I'd maybe urge him/her even more towards the virtue of patience. It would be worth it. But you are right, just wait until you can open it and you'll (hopefully?) find good reasons to recommend the full service at this moment. 
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