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American vintage pocketwatch trademark-help identify

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Ok, I need the WRT detectives out there and their help. I've searched and as far as I can tell this symbol or trademark belongs to the Chicago Watch Co. 1895-1903 and made by Elgin. The movement came in an old but intact tin stamped "Elgin Watch Co. I looked up the serial # on PWD.com under 'Chicago' and that's what came up. But, there are a few pics of others and mine looks nothing like any of them nor has this trademark. Anyone recognize this trademark? It's a size 18s with no case. Aaaand I just noticed I didn't provide the serial number. I'll post it here in a bit. Thanks Mike



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6 hours ago, WatchMaker said:

Hadn't noticed that. Maybe it's to keep time-wasters away so only seriously engaged folk are assisted. And to help pay for the site's upkeep I guess.

Yeah I noticed when I was fumbling with the Trenton. I've only used the function a few times, this one being one of them.I can understand the expense and upkeep of a site. In fact in the beginning I was surprised to see it was a free site. It's a good resource, one I use frequently. So it doesn't really bother me. It's a matter of time before sites go to some form of paid membership. 

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