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Hi I have  a Swiss Emperor Chronograph

17 Jewels with a

valjoux 7733 hand-winding movement

Unfortunately it is missing the crown and possibly the winding stem. Would anyone  know where I might be able to purchase these items or help me identify them with any part numbers etc.

Thanks you in advance for any help 

Yours Shaun



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Do you intend do the work by yourself? Stem needs to be cut to length, which is not difficult but better done by a watch repair shop. That would also be a good occasion to fully service the watch in order to have it regain original performance and prevent wear.  He would be able to supply parts otherwise you can purchase from Cousins UK.

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When looking on Cousins UK isn't always needed to even know part numbers. Just go to ETA mov't parts, enter caliber, select stem on the right. And they have another section with a wide variety of crowns.

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    • Hi Tom,   Mine machine is working fine but slightly out of sync (I still didnt figured out why as in the biggining it was completly fine, no issues), so I use manual overide button to move between cycles, its abit tricky as I have to watch metal disks which turns things on/off if not it will jump to another cycle (it cause a bit of an issue as it wont spin long enough to remove fluid between jars).   Regarding documentation - one Ive scanned for you was received from Elma after I contacted them, they told me that they dont have any shcemtics for this machines, I only got electronic schema for RM-90 if I recall correctly which is much more advanced and newer. Because machine is not working as I would like it, Im thinking to create a new electronic system for it based on arduino or something like that, Im not a programmer so it might be too diffcoult for me. If mainboard replacement for RM-90 would be cheaper I could use that for my machine - just got that idea  right now :). Still some parts are the same between those two machines - jars, possibly motors, heating plate etc.   Im mostly interested in American pocket watches, actually South Bend only :).   Regards,    Rafal
    • I decided to take it today... Feeling sick.  She apparently got a buyer in NY!  We're in L.A.   Yes, I could probably tell her to cancel the deal, but I won't.  If it falls through I'll take it.  
    • Old post but thought I'd comment, as it is very easy to destroy these bracelets... Michael Young restored a C&I bracelet for my 5512. And even restored, it's really floppy and, well, not spectacular. But, there's nothing like a vintage rivet bracelet- very thin and very light. Feels a lot like a leather strap. (He also repaired the end links via laser welding as the prior owner "customized" it to fit a 19mm lug width watch) But the links/rivets DO wear. Once the links open up (which you can see on the back side) the pins/rivets begin to wear. Michael opens the links and sleeves the rivets to make up the lost space as needed. Then he closes the links. As thin as the metal looks, it is quite difficult to open them without distorting them. The gap where the ends meet on the underside is 0-0.003" wide. really no gap on a brand new one (I recently sold an NOS 19mm Tudor branded bracelet) And as Old Hippy noted: they always look like links have been removed. More modern (9315/93150/93250 etc.) bracelets are tapered on the link edges, so they flow together. Rivet bracelets (both Rolex and C&I) have parallel sides to the links so they are "stepped" from 20 to 18mm at the clasp. Also, the end plates were polished and the links were brushed. C&I rivets are "hollow" (they have a small pin hole in each end) and the Rolex rivets are solid. I don't know if a threaded faux rivet could be used to replace a real one- I think the faux ones are larger diameter.
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