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Unitas Calibre 6380 Picture Service Walkthrough

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Unitas Calibre 6380 Disassembly Picture Walkthrough
please order the pictures by name in ascending order!

Servicing my first Unitas movement other than the widely popular calibre 6497/98, but instead a calibre 6325, I tasted blood and got wondering if there were any Unitas movements having a calendar complication, and indeed there were! This curiosity led me to the 6380 calibre which seems very similar to the 6325.

Once I’ve cleaned and assembled my 6380, I’ll post a link to my assembly picture walkthrough (including lubrication suggestions) in a later post in this thread.

I’ve really taken all Unitas movements that I’ve serviced to my heart. They are easy to work with as the parts are large and few, the design is very traditional - like a school book on how mechanical watches work - and they seem very reliable and robust. My timing machine for these movements has always shown great results. Perhaps I’ve been lucky but it's beginning to feel like a pattern.

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