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  1. If anyone is going to have drawings, it will be the guys on the Russian watch forum. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f10 They are very helpful and friendly.
  2. welcome, great to see another aussie
  3. Have you taken a look at how this has been solved in the past https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braille_watch
  4. Thanks guys I followed your suggestions and finally got it ..
  5. Hi guys, I'm a little stuck getting this case back back on. It popped off with a case knife quite easily, but I'm using a case press and I'm having no success popping it back on. Any tips or tricks.
  6. @noirrac1j Nice to meet you too. For the case back are you just going to use some metal plate or will it also be 3d printed. I have a spare ronda movement in my parts draw I will have to have a go at making a case for it. This thread has really got me excited about the possibilities.
  7. I'm using freecad and/or opoenscad (depending on what i'm designing) and slicing in Ultimaker cura
  8. did you need to print it with supports, for the inner shoulder ? My printer is pretty basic, but your results are encouraging.
  9. are you printing in PLA or ABS, got any tip/tricks you have learned from this experiance. I'm keen to give it a try ;-)
  10. Wow that's such a cool idea, I'm guessing it would be different for each movement. Even if its the same diameter a Miyota stem release pin is not going to be in the same position as a ETA ???
  11. Yes you totally can there are lots of videos on youtube showing making castings from PLA everything from making epoxy casts to metal casts in Aluminium. One I found particually interesting is what they call "metal cold casting" they mix metal shavings (brass,iron,aluminium,etc) in epoxy to make a finished product that looks like metal and can be polished like metal, but I guess is a bit like MDF is to wood.
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