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This is typical with diver's that are used at sea but then not rinsed in fresh water and inspected every few months. Having got a micro lathe I finally could repair it.



Holding the piece is the easy part as the chuck grabs the inside nicely, I placed a live center just for safety.


I used a parting tool first but the cutting profile was all wrong. Getting there anyway


I reground the tool with all the right angles but it became blunt quickly, I will try hardening it the next time.


Trying various speeds etc, I couldn't get a finish better than below


The crown was in a sorry state too. It cleaned quite good with an ammonia solution, but in the end it was replaced anyway as soment went at with pliers. Luckily I had a spare from an NH36 swap.


5 minutes @ 6BAR, all is good.


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9 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

Good work. I’m a little surprised its still waterproof.

No reason it shouldn't be. You are looking at very magnified pictures where any minuscule defect is exaggerated. And thick O-rings like Seiko uses work wonders, as anyone that had a change to work with will find.

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You are looking at very magnified pictures. I;m fully aware of that. You can only use the right gasket, any other will cause leakage. I think its great you have managed to do such a good job.  

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