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TW Steel glass replacement


Hi guys new member here.

ive only just started dabbling with repairing my watches etc. I’d like to replace the glass on my twsteel.

Do these bezels just lift off with a bit of  leverage ?

thanks in advance :)


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The bezel doesn't need to be removed to replace the crystal. You will however have to remove the movement since the glass will need to be pushed from inside the case to remove it. And ideally with a suitable crystal press tool.

Since pictures can speak a thousand words I've done a quick search on YouTube for you and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0Zqit4r0wM seems as good a video as any. If you're new at this it might be worth watching the whole video but at approximately minute 8 to 9 is the action shot relating to what you need to do. Hope this helps.

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