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Problem with Seiko Kinetic 5M42-0C99/Hattori YT57 Movement

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Hey guys,

I'm almost finished with my watch using the info you all have been so kind to provide me with. I solved the band link problem. Discovered by measuring that the new link had smaller holes than the old one on one side of each end of the link. Took a pin vise and drilled out new one and pressed in the pins w/ a pair of smooth jawed parallel pliers.

Got tired of waiting on an order so I made a set of hand levers that worked great.

During the whole process I discovered the crown had a gasket on the stem section that was deteriorated. I called Cas-Ker and the lady I talked to told me which one to order. Should have paid more attention when the old one came off. It looks like there is room for 3 of the gaskets or she sent one that is a third more narrow than it should be. The next to last picture in HSL's write up(which has been priceless in helping w/ this project) looks like the stem on my watch. It looks to have more than one gasket or a thick one.

Just so you don't have to look back it is a Seiko 5M42-0C99. Also the gasket # she gave me is 0Z0060B01 and oddly enough the small package originally contained 3 gaskets and they had marked over it and made a #1.

Could someone please help with this? Do I need to order 2 more or did she give me the wrong #.  That's the only thing I lack now to have my watch back functioning thanks to all of you who helped me.

Thanks in advance.

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