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I have a Lip Nautic ski electronic new  ( :blink: ) 

The watch does not work .  I believe the movement need to be replace.

There is also an issue with the dial. the color is peeling.

Is it worth to repair? Or shall I try to sell it for parts ( the glass and frame are like new. also the bracelet is original)

Thanks for your advice. 

Have a great day 



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As it is I would say if you sold it complete it would be worth around £100-£150 one sold recently in non working condition for £192.00 but that had a much better condition dial. 


complete working movements lip calibre r184 can be found for around £90.00  so it is repairable, the biggest problem is the condition of the dial to have that redone would be at least £100.00 plus, 

Good working examples of this model go any where between £250.00 to £350.

They are sort after but earlier examples fetch the highest prices £400-£600.

If you like the watch and want to keep it the most it will cost you  if it requires it is the cost of a movement and live with the dial as is, I dont think breaking it up would realise any more money than selling it whole.

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Thanks for your reply.

I think i am probably sell it as it is. ( it is not part of my favorit watch as the movement is electronic) I don't think it is worth it to do all the effort to get it back to the new condition.

Do you know any web site beside e-bay for selling watches?

Thanks again.



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