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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, Today my partner in crime is the little guy below. History unknown. I purchased it when I was living in Japan. The battery left inside for a long time I think and was in leaked situation. I took it to a watch maker and he told me that he cannot get any readings so it may be a bad coil or something else and refused to deal with it. I took it apart to show you and ask your advice. I don't know how to troubleshoot a quartz movements (sounds like I know mechanical ones ) so where I should begin to diagnose? Inserted a battery, no sign of any life. Mechanical parts moving without any issues, also the date changes flawlessly. There is one thing though, I marked on the photo below, when I was cleaning inner part, I found some black, plastic crumbled parts probably deteriorated because the battery chemicals and the rest of it was under that brass screw (still some stuck there), probably it is a non-conductive material to prevent some shorting! The movement number on the dial is: For future newbies like myself, to remove the backing, you need to press the tiny triangle locking pins (2 of them is enough to let the back go off) shown below:
  2. Cheers mate, Was working on this Ricoh 70's automatic (R31 movement) yesterday. think its R31, but could not find mutch on the web And cant be able to place the yoke spring in the right posision. Someone that have been working with the similar movment. Or just know?? All help would be to great....
  3. Just a quickie When my dad died 7 years ago my mum gave me his old Riquartz watch that she gave him for their 25th wedding anniversary in 1981. It was in a sorry state. Dad had worn it solidly from that day to the day he died. The case and case were badly scratched, the original strap lost, the day date mechanism jammed (broken as it turned out). It had been left neglected for the last 7 years. With a bit of patience and good fortune I located new-old stock movements and crystals. For a well worn 41 year old watch I think it's come up rather well after a strip down, polish and careful rebuild and new movement. I think it's good for a few more years. Before and after photos below. I can't wait to show my mum. James.
  4. If 5 is good then 7 is better right? Well at least that is what Ricoh must have done when they decided to follow Citizen and put a 7 on their dial. I actually went to see a guy about a Citizen V2 and when I asked him if he had any other watches he pulled this out. The camera is usually very hard on camera but to the naked eye it looks ok. I was drawn to the colour and bezel design... similar to a Rolex Air-king. In the picture below you can see the tall crystal.. don't know if this style was original? Another detail is the day-wheel which is higher that the date wheel. Similar to early Seikos but Seiko fixed it in later models, Ricoh didn't and you will see this in early and late Ricoh watches. Caseback is pretty normal.. notice the notches in the bracelet for releasing the springbars are only on one side.. they did make the bigger though. Folded link bracelet looks original but feels cheaper than contemporary Seiko or Citizen bracelets. No other makings other than on the clasp. Inside we have your basic Ricoh automatic with hand-wind and pushbutton date set. Some dirt is present but it looks like it'll clean up well. rgds Anilv
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