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I've just serviced and refurbished a Tissot P372/472-1 chronograph, this has the ETA 251.272 movement.

There was a problem with the keyless works. After reassembly and setting the stem to normal position, then second and third position and repeating this a few times, the centre second stop lever which is also a switch, 'C' in the photo, tended to jump off of the setting lever stud, 'A' in the photo.

262-272 centre second stop lever mod.jpg

On close inspection of the lever, I could see that the tip of stem while set to normal position was jamming underneath the stop lever at 'B' in the photo and lifted the lever off the the setting lever stud. The solution was to remove part of the stop lever, indicated in yellow, at the point of interfearence as shown in the second photo.

262-272 centre second stop lever mod 2.jpg

It seams that over time, the tip of the stem had worn away an area of the electronic module, thus allowing too much travel of the stem.

electronic module.jpg

Finaly, the finished Tissot P372/472-1 with ETA 251.272 movement. I love it.


262-272 centre second stop lever mod 2.jpg

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