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I liked the look of this so i bought it. It was described as a movement holder and so have many others that i have seen for sale on ebay. I have also seen it and similar designs descibed as bezel cleaners.  Simlar designs shown in old tool catalogs show them and how they are used as a bezel cleaner. So to save confusion for anyone else that thinks they can be used to hold a wristwatch movement, no they can not without at least some adaptaion of the cutouts to the posts. It will possibly clamp a big pocketwatch movement. I'm fairly sure it is used to clean out the groove of a pocketwatch bezel, until i stand corrected 🙂


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31 minutes ago, RichardHarris123 said:

Interesting, just seen an identical one on ebay advertised as a bezel cleaner.  Maybe the feet up holds the movement dial down and the groves hold the movement dial up? 


This is what was throwing me, some sellers are describing it as a bezel cleaner, but the design is slightly different for that ( i have a picture somewhere in a book when i find it ). Same frame but has 3 scraping pads that adjust to fit into the rim of a  bezel  the bezel then rotates to clean out the rim. Mine does look like the posts can be spun around to face outwards for the same purpose. Whatever its use its too big for a wristwatch, burys something like a 12"' and the cut outs as they are overlap too far into the movement to work on it. Its use is for something much bigger. Just wanted to post it up in case anyone saw one and has it mistaken for something of a different use. 

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