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I'm servicing a Mido that has a cork gasket in the case tube. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Mido had some kind of a seal for the case so that you could run it through the watch cleaning machine and not compromise the cork gasket but I doubt that even if that is correct that I would be able to source such a thing. I've also seen (somewhere?) that Mido provided these cork gaskets and a tool so that they could be replaced, but again, not something I'm going to be able to source. So, I'm thinking that here in 2023 the gasket is probably not providing the "waterproof" feature that it did 50 years ago when the case was made so is this something that I can just ignore and run it through my watch cleaning machine, knowing that the cork isn't doing what it was supposed to do? If there is an easy way to protect the existing cork or even replace it, I'd love to hear about it.



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I've never heard about cork seals, so thanks for posting what you know about them. An idea for protection: break off the thread from an old stem. Make a nut from an old crown by oversize drilling through the dome until you reach the thread. Fit another old crown to the stem and clamp rubber seals to the inside and outside of the crown tube using the assembly.

I don't know which components of your cleaning fluids are hazardous to cork, but I'd give some though to lubrication, too.

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