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Please help to identify this watch

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Hello Lowell, and welcome to the forum. Well done for finding the right section to post your query. There is also a section where we like to read an introduction from new members. It would be good of you to make the effort.

I suppose the easiest way to tell if it is genuine would be to ask your uncle, if he's still available. Maybe in round-about way you can find out where he bought it, where the box is, paperwork etc. JLC have produced so many models and variants over the years, you will be lucky to find an exact match on the internet without the exact model number.

Having said that, my guess would be fake. The finishing on the movement does not look to be near JLC standard. The rotor is especially plain.

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12 hours ago, LowellAnora said:

Hello everyone,  

I got a watch from my uncle 15 years ago and I have no idea what is I've been searching the Internet for very  long time just to know the exact model and if it is authentic . Please help me 

Thank you



I would have thought some serial numbers would be evident on jlc. Have to agree with Klassiker, there doesn't seem to be anything that is stating quality.

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