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Seiko 7006 Crown Stuck in Movement

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Hi Guys,


I'm currently working on a seiko 7006 and to my surprise I cannot remove the crown. 

I pull the crown to show the release lever but it does nothing when I press on the tab.

I never seen this before, anybody has a clue on how to get around this issue?


Thanks in advance !




If I cannot remove the crown I'll probably disassemble the movement from the other side using a crystal lift. Fortunately, the dial feet screws are accessible in this movement. Neverteless, if somebody has a simpler solution I'm all ears !

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8 minutes ago, watchweasol said:

Hi   It is possible that a previous repairer was a trifle rough and bent the release lever. You may be able to grip the stem and unscrew the crown and wiggle the movement out that way, worth a try before going in through the front.

Thanks will definitively try that. Thanks !!

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