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Seiko 7006 Crown Stuck in Movement

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Hi Guys,


I'm currently working on a seiko 7006 and to my surprise I cannot remove the crown. 

I pull the crown to show the release lever but it does nothing when I press on the tab.

I never seen this before, anybody has a clue on how to get around this issue?


Thanks in advance !




If I cannot remove the crown I'll probably disassemble the movement from the other side using a crystal lift. Fortunately, the dial feet screws are accessible in this movement. Neverteless, if somebody has a simpler solution I'm all ears !

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8 minutes ago, watchweasol said:

Hi   It is possible that a previous repairer was a trifle rough and bent the release lever. You may be able to grip the stem and unscrew the crown and wiggle the movement out that way, worth a try before going in through the front.

Thanks will definitively try that. Thanks !!

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    • Not so fast- (didn't realize how many makers made this shape)- it actually appears to be a Nouvelle Fabrique (Tavannes) S.A.    
    • Thank you @nickelsilver ! Definitely close! The differences may just be superficial/decorative (differences in train bridge and balance cock shape). For me, the question is if I'd find the exact spare part for the exact movement (balance staff, ideally with spring or even entire cock). Or if I should just find another movement entirely that fits into the watch. The Lorsa 514 would then fit well (by it's external dimensions) and it's dirt-cheap on eBay.
    • Cool, good luck with your 620!! Yes, 20x the price is the correct calculation drop-for-drop. Then again, I probably won't even finish my 5ml of 9504 before it's expiry date (plus 1-2 years). And with the DX, I'd probably end up throwing away 90% of the tube by the time it expires.  I did also start with 2-3 pocket watches, then 2 men's watches (last one, a Vostok 2414, with a good final result; amplitude around 300°)... and now already the 625 (for a friend!) 😬. I'm very nervous about it, but also very excited, thrilled. And well, worst case, I can get a whole replacement movement for around 80 USD off eBay.
    • I calc it as nearly 20x more expensive, so worth remembering when you've used the 9504 😀 I'm oiling a 620 now, in between typing.  One problem with smaller (ladies) watches, is that due to the smaller part sizes, the frictional forces are relatively larger - especially on the smaller balance due to it's much lower inertia. Therefore parts have to be really clean and free from dust and dirt to get good performance. As a beginner I started on pocket watches, because they are larger and easier to start on, and that big balance is a lot easier to get swinging nicely. 
    • Looks a lot like an FEF 150 (Fleurier).         Or a Buren 35     Actually it must be Buren, the movement side is pretty dead-on, but maybe a slightly different caliber? Ranfft doesn't have much for them in the form movements.    
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