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Tevise watch auto issues

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This Tevise watch was purchased by a friend of mine purchased approx six months ago.  It keeps reasonable time but if he forgets to manually wind it it stops. It cost approx £30 new so he was not expecting a Rolex performance. However I was asked to look at it to see if I could get it to wind automatically. I did warn before I agreed to try and fix that these Chinese movements are prone to mishaps but if he was happy for me to proceed on this bases I would try.

The movement is housed into the case via a snap back case back and plastic movement holder. Looking through the clear back I could see the rota was not rotating as it should. The removal of the movement was straight forward. The dial is just friction fitted via dial feet but to the outside of the movement and aided by some double sided tape. 

See pic the rota screw seemed not to have been fitted square. However see pic the rota is actually secured by a crude post that has the start of a thread that aids it screwing into a centre wheel which has threaded centre. This centre wheel fits into recess in the plate BUT it is incredibly slack / loose and I expect this is the problem. To fix this fault would be difficult if not impossible as the plate is too thin for a bushing or jewel. I did also notice there seemed to be no lubricated parts. 

So I cleaned all of the auto parts in my watch cleaning machine and treated all of the parts with Epilame( Fixodrop) and assembled.

Assembly was very fiddly to say the least one of the jewels detached itself from its plate and I re inserted the jewel into the plate with a tiny amount of loctite. I lubricated all parts with HP 500 and put on test for 36 hrs and it seems the auto is now working.


Overall looking at the movement through a microscope, lots of scratches and dings.It is very poorly assembled and as you would expect for a £30 watch all parts are not made of quality materials. My advise be very cautious when working on these movements and if asked to repair give the customer a cautionary warning before agreeing to repair. 




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7 hours ago, watchweasol said:

Unfortunatly you get what you pay for which this report clearly shows, well done for getting it fixed. Hope your friend appreciated it,

Yes absolutely true but to be fair for £30 it’s a good watch. My friend is very happy my payment by the way is a few beers😊😊.

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