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Seiko 5 watch face reference guide?

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Hope this is right place to put a question like this.

My best search efforts have come up with a goose egg, so I’m wondering if anyone knows where to find a reference for the many watch faces Seiko used over the years.  It’s pure curiosity, but I have a Seiko 5 that I know was made sometime between May 1979 and May 1989 (based on serial number and movement) and I was hoping I could narrow it down further based on the watch face reference number.

Many thanks, and a pic for those interested.  Can’t see it in this pic because of the angle , but the face ref looks to be 448R


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Your serial number by itself says that is was made either in May 1979 or May 1989, not in between. The first four digits of the reference indicate the mov.t used and that is what can tell the correct year, becase normally mov.t production does not span multiple decades (the 7S26 is an exception).

The dial code is referenced in some casing catalogs, of which not many are online.

if you want to see very many Seiko 5 and their info check http://www.watchsleuth.com/seiko5finder/

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Thanks for the information.  That makes perfect sense as an either or date and I appreciate your taking the time to set me straight.

Your post made me go back and double check  the timespan for this particular movement (7600).  Not sure what movement number I fat fingered originally to get the’79-‘89 range, but it appears the 7600 was made from the early 60s to ‘69 - which dates mine to May 1969 and is a very pleasant surprise!

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