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I made this today.  The clear cup is a 9oz drinking cup.  You get 50 for under 10 bucks or maybe even less...dunno--the wife does the shopping.

I did not put separators within the holder, but I can do that easily.  So far, I have not discovered the utility of the separate compartments.


2021-06-20 17_17_38-Window.png

2021-06-20 17_17_21-Window.png

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On 6/21/2021 at 12:28 AM, LittleWatchShop said:

I did not put separators within the holder, but I can do that easily.  So far, I have not discovered the utility of the separate compartments.

They are very useful especially for beginners and if you want to save time rummaging for parts hidden under an unrelated bridge or plate. I have also labelled mine.


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4 hours ago, jdm said:

I have also labelled mine

Simple genius.  I have five of this style holder.  I think I will label mine like yours.  One thing I do not like on these is the center area.  For me, I end up only putting hands in it...and maybe the dial.

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9 minutes ago, LittleWatchShop said:

One thing I do not like on these is the center area. 

That's because you're working on the wrong mov.ts 😄

Get to healthy 11 - 1/2 lignes , the main plate will sit perfectly in the center, and for a brief moment you will feel that Everything Fits Together.

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    • Oh my...you should have hyphenated "leather-working" because it modifies "forum."  I will contact the administrator to see about having you kicked off!!
    • Welcome to WRT  forum.  
    • Thanks for the reply! I live in the US and I do have most of the stuff I need. I do have a full set of Moebius greases and oils as well. Looking at the 1900 for a while now, so I'll probably pick that up. As I said, I have a pretty good set of tools including hand levers, Presto Tools, Bergeon Screwdrivers, Dumont tweezers, loupes and other magnifiers, movement bed, Bergeon hand oilers and pots, Bergeon movement-holder, pith and peg wood, Rodico, etc, etc, etc. I have a couple of Seagull 6498s and a Seagul 2824-2 to practice destroying....er.....assembling and reassembling.
    • The intro is like something from a tv show but the instructional parts seem to be from a live training course. I'm 5 videos in and hooked, will be watching them all, great find!
    • you left out an important detail by the way? A lot of this depends upon where you live.. One of the recommendations I like to give beginners is purchasing a brand-new 6497  Chinese clone  as the Swiss originals too expensive in the clone works just fine.. Then you definitely want a timegrapher iin the beginning there very cheap now compared to what they once cost either the Chinese 1000 or the 1900 are both excellent machines. So if you have a new timing machine  and a new watch  you can llearn how to properly time things on the machine. You can look at your brand-new watch see how it functions. Then you can taken apart  and put it back together  and put it back on the timing machine and see if it still functions. Timing machines are more than just timing their diagnostic devices. There's so many questions newbies ask where if they just a timing machine it would help narrow the problem down considerably. Does not like you can hold the watch to your four head and absorb the knowledge of its problems you need  ways of doing diagnostics. Then unfortunately magnetized watches don't run well  they will have issues. aa unfortunate problem with watch repair is that is a heck of a lot of specialty tools that sooner or later would be really nice to have.. As long a basic tools you have to have.  Then when you get in the lubrication  is some of those are nice to have an they're not exactly cheap  so this isn't exactly a really cheap hobby.  
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