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I just paid $565 to have a clock spring fitted and they didn't even service it!

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Did my click bait get you?

Don't start yelling, its completely true.

I paid $137.40 for the 'clock spring' and  $377.14 to have it fitted and then 10% GST on top of that.

Of course the 'clock spring' wasn't for a clock but my car.🤣


I had the SRS (airbag) warning light come up on my dash yesterday and took it to the garage to fix.

It turns out that the in your steering wheel on your car the device that connects the electronics up in your steering wheel to the rest of the car is called a 'clock spring.'

I do also love that there is a website for Australia https://clocksprings.com.au/ that has nothing to do with Horology, but sells car parts. How I've never come across this site before actually baffles me.

I'm guessing this is the name that has evolved from earlier times when a spiral spring was used to connect up the switches in the steering wheel so it allowed the wheel to turn and maintain the electrical contact.

I did tell the mechanic despite the hefty charge I did see the humor in a qualified watchmaker paying a mechanic to fit a 'clock spring' to my car.

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