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Help On Tag Heuer Professional 200 - Stem Crown

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For what it's worth I have a 'special tool' for setting levers (pays off when you do a lot of watches every day)

It's just a bracelet punch (that i do not use for bracelets) with a 0.4mm end piece. 

Most other ways I've found to be quite clumsy, including a 0.6 screwdriver.

However, it is possible that the setting lever is faulty, it's actually quite easy to damage most setting levers if you don't press on them with enough finesse. 

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Thanks for the advice.

I am going to buy one tomorrow and have another go.

I have been using a needle.

Apparently the stem has to be pulled all the way out in order for the lever to work.

My problem is the stem feels loose since the crown sheared off.

I have unscrewed it, and can move the hands to set time and date as normal, but no matter what position the stem is in; it just wont release when I press the lever.

I can get a complete movement with stem for 25 USD, and a new crown for 40, but the problem is getting the old stem out!

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I haven't actually taken one of those movements apart before but in your situation i might simply try dismantling it in the case until you take out the necessary pieces that you'd be trying to lift by pressing on that point, it's usually possible, it should then just slide out.

That's an option, anyway. 

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I ordered a 0.6mm pin tool from Ebay for only 99p from Hong Kong. But in the meantime I was keen to have another go removing the stem. So I went out and bought a big magnifying glass for only 2 Euro, and an LED headlamp for only 3 Euro.

The smallest screwdriver I have is 1mm, so I decided to make my own tool and just put some insulating tape on the end of a needle to act as a T-bar.

I read that in order to get the release lever to work, one has to have the watch spindle all the way in with the watch running first.

Then one puts the pin in the hole to release the lever, and pull the stem out after unscrewing it as if setting the date.

And sure enough this worked, the stem pulled out easy. I ordered a new one from America (I am in Ireland) for only 15 Euro including delivery which I thought was OK.

I found couple of suppliers; one in the UK and one in America that sell Tag Heuer crowns for around 40 Euro. So I am just waiting on a digital vernier caliper to come from Hong Kong (only 6 Euro) so I can accurately measure the crown. I think its 5.25mm, so that will help me choose the correct one.

Tag Heuer don't make it easy, but not listing the part numbers of all the crowns for ones watch. Its just a case of measure the crown then choose the shape.

Anyway, I am hoping the stem that comes will be the same length as the original so I don't need to cut or file it down. It looks as if the crown screws on to the stem. I wonder if its thread locked with Loctite?


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