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I have found out that both clocks are 31 day Jupiter clocks from Korea. Both cases are chipped or the carvings are broken.

I am not sure about all the parts in the three plastic trays. Could be anything and I have no way at the moment of looking at things and knowing what movements they are from. 

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Sorry. New to this. I was on the page where the stuff was showing, but it looks like the link takes you to the top of the group. If you scroll down in Geelong Online Garage Sales, you might see it. I will also try to download the pictures and post them. 

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I asked whether any of the watch or clock parts were identified or marked etc and never got an answer. Didn't go any further with it all. I think it was $80 for the lot which maybe got two clocks which could have been used as learning and practice and maybe some watches for everyday use, but I am pretty sure that just about everything in the plastic containers could pretty safely be classified as junk.

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Sorry I missed this. Those clocks wouldn't be good to start to learn on very poor modern movements. I can tell because of the way the arrows are pointing, you wind these up the other way to who you would normally wind a clock. You are right about the plastic boxes. As for the watches I don't think you have missed anything. You have done well in saving your money. 

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@oldhippy The question that I referred to in my previous post was to the seller. That is who did not reply. I wasn't about to just fork out money without having any real idea as to what I might be getting.

I will just have to keep working on the clocks I have for now and keep looking.

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