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    • New movement. I have told him that it will be an old watch but a new movement. He is happy with that. 
    • I think you misunderstand what I was getting at I was quoting you. You're the one who found the color Rolex manual and that's definitely worthy of an acknowledgment.   So you don't need to apologize for anything I wasn't offended. As I said I was quoting you because you brought something exciting I color Rolex manual a PDF color manual. I just wish you'd remember where it came from and whether they had any other color or any other Rolex manual's.
    • Hi all,  I am currently working on a tissot 2481 (equal to an omega 1481) and have tried to replace the mainspring, I ordered the correct spring from cousins but the centre spiral wasn’t tight enough for the arbour, the only option I had (with limited skills and knowledge) was to bend the spring to suit, after several attempts to get the correct size it led to the spring snapping is there an alternative mainspring suggestion as it seems it is the cousins Swiss one I’m having the issue with or does anyone know where I can source a mainspring barrel complete? thank you in advance Sam
    • Update Learning by my observations. Looking under the microscope it is obvious I am not the first. Minute scratches on the pallet bridge. Found the problem. The train of wheels bridge had not been placed correct. Pivot hole on the second wheel was lifted by pressure on the screws. None of the train would turn. The pallet fork jewels were misaligned. Spring on the jewel for balance on the dial side was broken. The balance would not rotate as the pallet fork would not engage. Hairspring was out of shape.  It had obviously never worked since the last person did the 'service'.  Priced replacement pallet fork and balance. Cheaper to get a new movement. Conversed with owner. This is what he wants. Ah well.
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