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Kevin from Germany

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Hello I am Kevin from Germany

I came through YouTube and I have been interested in watches recently

This looks like a very friendly community, I did not know this stuff exists in the internet until I saw one myself

I am thinking about repainting an antique wall clock with luminous paint. I do not know what kind of paint I should use since radium is not easy to get these days.

Any advice?

Best wishes


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    • I would date that at around the early 1800’s, with takes it into the regency period of clocks.  It is an 8 day English Fusee Bracket clock. The pattern on the back plate is what you would expect with a clock of that date. The early ones the back plate would have been completely engraved as to would the fixing brackets and pendulum bob. Painted enamel dial with convex glass. I expect it has rack striking striking which is on a bell. Do I see a cut out at the base of the clock for the pendulum? If so then this is a marriage.
    • I do like how the pattern on the back plate has been continued on the brackets to hold it in the clock. I've not seen that before. I do like the hands although it looks like the minute hand has been twisted slightly, but I would think long and hard before trying to straighten it.
    • Hi Try  osoleteclockandwatchparts.co.uk I have picked up a few seiko bits from him. Its run by John senior in Yorkshire.
    • https://speedtimerkollektion.com/ is a good source of parts for Seiko you will just have to keep looking, both the watches you need backs for are very collectable now and demand high prices so I doubt any one would sell any case parts for them cheap.
    • Good day to all!  Would anyone know where I could source case backs, specifically Seiko (6138-0040 and 6139-7100), beside eBay?  The few I can find are priced astronomically and the shipping is more than the part!
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