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Stopworks for Neuchatel clock

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It always surprises me how often all or part of stopworks are missing in clocks and watches. Have an old (200ish y/o) Neuchateloise in, nice piece with date and strike on demand. These things have monster mainsprings and this one was missing the stopworks. In the past if one came in missing them and the customer didn't want new ones made I'd do the service and send it out. New policy is if they don't want new ones they can take it elsewhere. I have nightmares about these barrels going nuclear, and winding up "right to the end" of these beasts will surely one day end with a broken spring end and the massive damage that can cause.


These often have slightly larger barrels and stronger springs for the strike train, and those also tend to do an extra turn of wind. The stopworks are simpler than maltese cross type, but need a friction spring under the geared piece to be sure they stay registered. The finger is friction fit in a tapered hole in the barrel arbor, seemingly simple but fiddly to make. I think the pic is decent enough to show "sonnerie" very ornately written in scratch on the strike barrel from a past service, maybe 100 years ago?74630be960f661f4c42722175099c2a5.jpg

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A good clock mainspring winder is necessary for clocks with large strong mainsprings. Every original part has its place in how the movement operates. The punch marks on the barrels and stop works are enough, no need for anyone to add marks.

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    • Nice one Jon a good job well done
    • Hi I think the genuine part will fix it   after market parts although look the same quite often are not. Consider the crispness of the edges of the pattern part are they sharp if not that is likely the problem sliding over the pin not along it.
    • not difficult if you have some experience, no experience i wouldnt try it...check for broken teeth on hour/min wheels and clutch/ratchet wheels. If any are broken you need to source a new one. and iam not familiar with this watch but is there a sub second hand or a center second hand? if so check the second hand and make sure it not binding up somewhere this could explain what i like to call the "ghost escapement" when power is applied to balance but then train gets jammed causing the escape wheel not to spin. there are other causes of this but i would rule those out since you now say its running fine and keeping accurate time.
    • Hi Mick   I have attached a service sheet for you.   If its a front loader it will have a split stem (two parts) and removal requires a straight pull on the stem to separate the two halves, and remove the glass you either have to remove the bezel ring and the glass or to have to pressurise the watch case and blow out the glass, depends on the case type.      I have also attached some further info hopefully usefull Omega 565.pdf 7197_Omega 565.0008 BA Case (3).pdf Omega_Omega The-monocoque-case-for-the-new-Seamaster.pdf
    • Hi as stated its a dollar watch.  It is what is known as a fashion watch, purely for show probably a miyota 2030/35movement.   Take Andys advice and have a coffee.  20 yrs ago you could get one of these free with 4gallons of petrol (gas) in the UK,  
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