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any info on this please ?

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I picked up this carriage clock today . the only writing anywhere is just the word France printed on the back plate . I've had the clock apart but there is nothing else stamped anywhere . No numbers or names . ... it measures 13cm tall with handle down , 8cm across and 6cm deep .unusual with the side pillars , never seen that before .....  any info would be appreciated . cheers





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Pictures are not very clear for me. Looks like floral fretting around the case. The platform going by what I can see Looks like a cylinder platform escapement. If so the balance is not compensated and will very in time keeping depending on the weather. It will be an 8 day movement with Porcelain Dial, is the dial free from cracks or chips, many have hairline cracks. The case has a nice decoration around the top glass. I haven’t seen that design before. Case looks brass, might be bronze but I don’t think so. A very nice clock. I hope you don’t mind me asking how much did you pay for it?

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