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  1. I picked up this carriage clock today . the only writing anywhere is just the word France printed on the back plate . I've had the clock apart but there is nothing else stamped anywhere . No numbers or names . ... it measures 13cm tall with handle down , 8cm across and 6cm deep .unusual with the side pillars , never seen that before ..... any info would be appreciated . cheers
  2. Hey guys , My name is Michael and I have just bought the clock that is the topic of your discussions . So far ' Old Hippy ' is closest to the mark re authenticity .. The movement and chapter ring are original , the weight is also original as is pulley . The rope is new , imported by the repairer from the UK and fitted , as pointed out , incorrectly , but the clock still runs for a while beyond the momentum of the pendulum . The previous owner is responsible for applying a twist tie to the strike arm as they didn't want the noise of the bell ( who doesn't like the sound of a striking clock bell ??? I absolutely love it ! ) and he was under the impression the movement was an 8 day because the strike was not drawing power whilst restrained . There are signs of refurbishment of some bushings and the movement wasn't cleaned but that's to be expected given the construction. The case is not original to the movement but again , that's not unusual over the years with borers and clumsy furniture removalists on the loose leading to badly damaged cases and subsequent replacement wherever one could be found . I agree that one would expect the date ring to have been repaired during the course of " refurbishment " ..... I found the owners to be normal , honest people who are not into the nitty gritty of the ins & outs of clocks like true collectors and any misinformation from them was purely lack of knowledge on their part . no intention to mislead I believe... I got the clock for a good price based on the marriage theory and the damage to the case , they were cool with that ... Anyway I hope this makes things a little clearer to all the members who commented on this forum , I'm not a member but I thank you for letting me comment as a guest .
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