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Smiths Diver & Hello!

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First up the interesting part :)

1969/70 Smiths Diver made in Cheltenham today.


Not so interesting...

I am a training Horologist (EFHC) living in London. I am into my second year of training and progressing nicely.

My other interests are Open Water Swimming & Mountain Biking.

I am training as a hobbyist rather than a potential professional but when retirement comes in quite a while yet, who knows?

Up to now I have covered many hand wind movements with day/date complications including instant changers.

Quartz servicing.

I have covered a few Autos like the Seiko's, ETA 28-- series and have just begun my first chronograph, a ETA 7750 which is disassembled, cleaned and just waiting on some lubricants before I begin the reassembly.

Marks videos have been a great help to me and I thank you for them. Cheers!

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Welcome jaycey, I love Smiths watches and Pocketwatches myself and currently have 3 watches plus numerous Pocketwatches in my collection...

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