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  1. This is the DE (safety razor) I use https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Men-Double-Edge-Safety-Shaving-Razor-Adjustable-1-6-Files-Classic-Double-Edge-Razors-1-handle/32792086455.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.35754c4dNqTT3h It's a copy of a well regarded razor the Merkur Futur which retails at £55 They have done an excellent job at copying it, it has 5 adjustment stops for aggressiveness & the top cap just clips off for blade replacement. I highly recommend the copy, it's very well made. The blades supplied with it are usable but not brilliant. I use Gillette 7 o'clocks or Astra Platinums, available on eBay for peanuts.
  2. I've been using straight razors (cut throats) for around 15 years, I also own a Merkur Future clone (available for around £13 on Ali Express) Some of my straight razors are 100-150 years old and I am extremely proud to be part of their history. Most were manufactured in either Sheffield or Solingen and I have purchased them from all over the world. It would be wonderful to see their journey through time! I must add...They have, if cared for, a few hundred more years life in them The Merkur Future clone is for when I have a hangover, it's a excellent DE (safety razor) with a Gillette 7 o'clock blade
  3. My first point of call is usually the manufacturer... info@bergeon.swiss You never know, they might know!
  4. I wouldn't try that if I was you! As you have already found out, the Chinese springs are made from poor quality metal and break just by breathing on them. Would you rather have two broken springs, rather than one?!
  5. Just a heads-up, the release lever on a lot of quartz movements is only accessible when the stem is in a certain position (winding or 1st position usually?)
  6. Here is a list of the Orient movements, there is no "H9" http://www.watchmandan.com/orient_movements.htm Cousins stock some spares for Orient movements but you'll need to identify the correct calibre.
  7. There should be nothing to prevent removal of that wheel. A photo of the pinion (not stem!) would give us some idea of what is preventing removal. Do not cut it! The 6497 is a great starting movement to work on, good luck.
  8. Chances that the stems you purchase are gen ETA is very unlikely and if they are gen, they will work just fine anyway. Cutting stems too short was a particular favourite of mine when I started. I cut them too long now
  9. They are great looking watches! Might have to pair this with a Gen 1
  10. Got the new movement today and the good news was, it is a direct swap, just had to swap the datewheels as the new movement had a white datewheel and the Seiko Gen 2 has a black one. Simple enough to do. Swapped the 7T27 battery plate over with the original Seiko markings too All back together and working great!
  11. And change the white date wheel on the Epson for the black original.
  12. I'll get some photos but so far I know the tab that extends into the battery compartment is snapped off and the contact where the start/stop lever contact the board is missing. There's also some damage near where the hacking lever makes contact.
  13. Evening chaps. I have a Seiko 7T27-7A20 on the bench at the moment with a damaged circuit board. The rest of the movement id fine. Do I have any other options other than the Epson YM57A movements for sale on eBay? Cheers.
  14. Are you regulating via the fine adjuster mounted on the balance cock or the course regulating arm (with the etachron)
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