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I recently bid for a second hand Platax tool. It looked quite worn so thought I'd get it a reasonable price. Oh no it went for 650 Euros, well out of my price range and I think for that price it would have to be new. Evidently I will never get my hands on a Platax Tool and the price will only increase as they become rarer.

Bergeon no longer supply this tool what is a reasonable alternative  to enable the replacing of balance staffs? and is  there a video of the alternative?

Help please. Thanks


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If you have a staking set you could go for a Kendrick and Davis staff remover or a Unruh Max remover but I think both are more suited to pocket watch staff removal. There are videos on u-tube of the kendrick and Davis removers. And the topic has been covered on this forum before just do a search for it.

Both are far cheaper than a Platax, but keep your eyes peeled on ebay sometimes they pop up as buy it nows a reasonable prices.

And try German ebay used watch tool prices are far more reasonable than U.K ebay and often don't show up in English ebay searches.

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Many thanks wls1971. I will be checking out the German ebay.

As the Platax tool is no longer sold / manufactured what is  the alternative? I have not seen a Bergeon alternative yet.



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There are alternative methods of staff replacement but there is no tool available like the Platax which is why it's such a shame they chose to discontinue with it,.

You can remove a staff on a lathe if you have one, you have to turn away the rivet with a graver to remove the staff, or you can use the kendrick and Davies or Unruh Max together with a staking set to remove staffs, I've never removed small staff's with the Unruh Max because I have a Platax, but I have used it with pocket watch staffs and it is far quicker than using the Platax, its a simple plunger type device that is spring loaded a sharp push downward clamps the wheel to the staking plate and pushes the staff out.

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