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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to watches in general and would like to get into watchmaking. I have this old Darwil watch that belonged to my late grandfather. The movement is in pieces and as far as I can tell, it's missing a jewel and one screw is broken. I took it to a few watchmakers in my area, but everyone told me it wasn't worth their time to fix it. So I wanted to just find a new movement and replace it, however there is nothing online about my watch or the movement. I attached photos of the movement and the watch wondering if anyone can help me identify it. If it is not visible on the photo the only thing written on the movement is "GN JOWISSA 17SEVENTEEN JEWEL UNADJUSTED SWISS". Ps. sorry if my english is not great :)
  2. I've been following the standard array of Watch repair youtubers for a while now, getting interested and excited about this new hobby. I've collected some tools: Magnification sources, good quality screwdrivers, poor quality screwdrivers, some decent tweezers, etc. The basics -- no mainspring winders or any of the "big" tools like a press or anything. Finally, I've been trawling ebay, filtering out the plethora of frankenseikos and replica rolexes. I found a nice looking, likely candidate in a Benrus automatic. It's a bit beat up but nothing super serious. I don't hate a we bit of visible wear. Once I received it I found that the only way to get some activity on the dial was to give the machine a bit of a gentle spin to activate the Automatic works. Great news that it runs and I don't have to call the seller a liar, bad news is that the manual wind either doesn't work, or doesn't exist. I can pull the crown out and set the time though, and the day/date turn over at roughly the correct time. I decided to put the thing on a timegrapher to see how well it runs. I googled "Benrus Automatic Lift Angle, and the most recent thing I came across seemed to list all Benrus' as having 50ยบ of lift. That's.... not amazing. While I'm no expert at reading this stuff, I think that gaining 30m a day, and having no detectable degrees of rotation on the balance wheel seems bad. I should note that I did try throwing in different bph and lift angles. This was the best it got. To make a short story long; I learned what a split crown meant, and got the movement out of the case after employing my crystal claw. And this is where I'm nervous! It looks like this movement has not seen the light of day since its original installation, the beautiful ranfft.de site seems to list all Benrus movements as some sort of ETA variant, and this does look very similar to the pictures that I saw on the site, but the reversing gears on the Auto works look different than all of the automatics that ranfft has listed for the benrus. Googling the Model "HH 1D1" doesn't seem to give me the kind of information that I know how to parse. I guess what I'm asking is for help determining the actual model of movement I have here. I'd like to read up on or find a service guide for it before I get too rammy! Please let me know what more information would be useful, I'm happy to provide.
  3. Well I've finished another project, and my first cylinder escapement movement. As can be seen from my previous thread " movement ID" you can see what i was up against, some very helpful members, Stuart and oldhippy huge thanks for the knowledge you guys shared. i still have no idea who made the movement or how old it is, all I know is that it's now ticking nicely and has kept perfect time with my phone (dial up) for the last 45mins. I shall over the weekend change its position to see how it keeps time. I tried it on the timegrapher but the machine didn't like it, don't know wether my Chinese one is programmed for cylinder escapements, but if it keeps time as it is now I'm not fussed. I tagged L&R ultra fine as members have been asking what it's like, well the last photo shows how well it cleans movement parts, also the picture of the dial is before I tried out some steradent denture tablets, Wow they really work, 3 mins on warm water and no cracks visible( they are still there but all the dirt has been removed making it nearly impossible to see them) I can highly recommend these as a way of cleaning enamel dials. Now some before and after photos......
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