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Hello from Atlanta!


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Hello Horo-Peeps!

This is my first time on this site so uncharacteristic as it is, I actually am going to follow the directions and type an introduction. I am a watchmaker based out of Macon and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I am not going to post a C.V. but my education and training includes many apprenticeships , ETA and Rolex WOSTEP/3k hr writ , ETA and Rolex certs.. I also hold a Doctorate in Micro-Mechanical engineering and design. I’m also an A.W.C.I. credited watchmaker. My specialties are manufacturing parts, American and Swiss Pocket watches, strange escapements, and Rolex/Patek/Breitling/Omega watches and Calibers. I am open to helping anyone I can. I hope to hear from you! 

Thanks ,


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Hello Kasko Time 99, Thank you for your kind offer of help with watches. You have much experience and highly commendable qualifications, however I am just an amateur enthusiast. My experience is pretty basic personally however I had a friend many years ago who was trained by two large Swiss Companies and he helped me with practice and some theory in the evening and weekends over a coffee so to speak. I have used "Practical Watch Repairing" for a long time as my mentor and find it  offers excellent information.(I was an electronic engineer professionally) Thank you again for coming in and all good wishes. Mike.

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